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A Day of Sustainability for Kuwait: Sharq to Jleeb AlShuyookh

A Day of Sustainability for Kuwait: Sharq to Jleeb AlShuyookh


Curated by Your AoK

Sustainability begins with communal agreements and shared values between individuals. This can be achieved by bridging the gaps between public and private entities who control the economic and environmental status of the country. The key to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle in a city is to be able to observe and monitor our everyday encounters and then communicate our needs, thoughts and complaints to the concerned authorities.By utilising public transportation we are raising the quality of buses and improving the efficiency of their performance. Through a collective community led monitoring system, the regular users themselves  enforce the maintenance of high quality standards.  As a result, and through awareness, we will be treading the first steps towards a more sustainable practice of urban life. YourAOK are taking us on a bus tour following 'route21' one of the most crowded bus lines in Kuwait. The tour is followed by a roundtable discussion held by entities concerned with sustainability in Kuwait.

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