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A Kuwaiti Haven: The Constant Re-invention of Bneid AlGar

A Kuwaiti Haven: The Constant Re-invention of Bneid AlGar


Curated by Dr. AlAnoud AlSharekh

The area of Bneid al Gar is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas of Kuwait. Over the years it has been home to different waves of migrants that have made the area their home. This walk will attempt to uncover significant historical landmarks in Bneid al Gar that correspond to milestones in the evolution of the State of Kuwait, and look at pockets of identity within Block One that are quite distinct from the fabric of the rest of the area.

Dr Al-Sharekh conducts research on regional sociopolitical, cultural and security issues, and has held several teaching posts in Kuwait, Europe and the USA. She has published several books and articles on gender and kinship policies in the GCC, including The Gulf Family, and Popular and Political Cultures of the GCC, examining the persistent importance of family and tribe in modern Gulf politics and society. Her work won the Arab Prize for best publication in a foreign journal for 2013-2014, and the Voices of Success Kuwait Award in 2012.
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