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A Tour with Taste: The Flavor of the Coastline

A Tour with Taste: The Flavor of the Coastline


Curated by Faisal AlNashmi

A walk from a different era of Fish Souqs into a finale on a plate. A more in depth explanation of how the fish markets came to be and what treasure they each hold. A truly complete difference in location and audience yet showcase somewhat of the same products. The sea has been Kuwait’s major income, and we will take a deeper look into what has lead our heritage to reach the lines of today. 

Executive Chef & Co-owner at the AlMakan project under “St. by zubabar” restaurant, Faisal focuses on re-shaping the local food scene by introducing a new approach to existing dishes with his unique combination of flavors. He is a Le Cordon Bleu Graduate with an additional double major in Film & Photography. As creator and co-owner of the Experimental Eatery Project, Faisal is working to redefine the expectations and push the limitations of the dining experience in Kuwait.
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