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An Unexpected Landscape:Sulaibikhat Coast

An Unexpected Landscape:Sulaibikhat Coast


Curated by Hamad Jassim Al-Kulaib

On this walk, we will explore a section of Sulaibkihat Coast, and discover how a landscape can tell us stories of cultures past and present. As we will see, the rings in a tree trunk show its age and the different seasons it lived. In the same way, the scattered trees of Sulaibikhat Coast, which are more than 50 years old, are living remains of a certain culture, a moment in history, and a long forgotten place. By contrast, an investigation of our natural landscape will help us understand how Kuwaitis lived sustainably, using plants seasonally. We will identify some of those native plants growing on the coast – and taste the edible ones for ourselves! Join us in this lovely picnic by the beach.

Hamad Al-Kulaib is currently the director of The Habitat Museum at Al-Shaheed Park in Kuwait and the founder of Biophilia Hydroponics. He obtained his bachelor degree in electrical engineering and became a certified trainer in renewable energies with experience in international seafood trade production, horticulture and agriculture. Al-Kulaib is an avid environmentalist, a passionate educator and a self-professed student of nature, he is a firm believer in its ecological unity and proactive towards its sustainability.
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