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BYOP - Build Your Own Place: Qibla

BYOP - Build Your Own Place: Qibla


Curated by AGi Architects

The goal of BYOP or Build Your Own Place is how we as city dwellers can activate potential places in the city. The tour will highlight undervalued areas in the city beyond the conventional street level where activities can take place, some of which will host mini interventions. Participants will also be asked to bring one or more items with them that we will later use at undisclosed location where for a picnic-like get together at the end. ALSO: FREE ICE-CREAM.

AGi architects consists of a multicultural team with over 40 professionals across our offices in Madrid and Kuwait. They are architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers and drafters, whose main focus is to add value to our architectural and design projects to meet the clients’ needs through unique and customized solutions.
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