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Marking Points of View: The Old and the New: Mubaraikiya

Marking Points of View: The Old and the New: Mubaraikiya


Curated by Hamad AlKhaleefi 

Our drawing tour today is not about searching for the old city, or sentimentally celebrating its surviving buildings. Instead, it is an exercise in using drawings to analyze our urban environment, and think of ways to develop the city by understanding the pros and cons of the old and the new city. We will compare, then discuss the comparison between the old and the new city by looking at paintings and a map of the old city and sketching our contemporary city.

We will use the paintings of Kuwaiti Artist Hussain Ayoub Hussain as a reference to visualize the old city. There are many artists who depicted images of Kuwait City, but Hussain’s paintings are unique in that they are visual memoirs, drawn from his memory of what he saw and experienced living in the city as a child

Hamad Alkhaleefi studied at the University of Miami – School of Architecture; Bachelors of Architecture & Minors in Art in 2010 and Masters in Urban Design in 2011. Won a prize for Excellence in Traditional Architecture Design which was awarded by Ferguson & Shamamian Architects in May 2010. He is currently working at Massive Order co. as a Design Associate. Founder of Drawing Kuwait, @DrawingKuw. One of his main goals is urbanizing the existing cities and creating new urban cities in Kuwait.



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