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Flight of the Birds: Green Island

Flight of the Birds: Green Island


Curated by Fatima AlQadhfan

Who doesn't have happy memories of the Green Island? On this tour, we will revisit that childhood favorite and explore a fictional tale of birds in flight. Children learn best through play. This experience will enrich their imagination and expose them to the inherent potentials of public spaces in Kuwait. A collaboration that emphasizes the relationship between place, memory and emotions; an adventure not to be missed.

Fatmah Al-Qadfan is a third year graduate student of drama therapy at Kansas State University. She is an Autism Specialist and an Intensive Individual Support (IIS) Provider, trained and certified by the Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training with over 280 hours of drama therapy work. Fatma also works with typically developing adults in corporate settings to improve their communication skills, promote creativity and self-expression.
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