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Inventing locality: Ahmadi Town

Inventing locality: Ahmadi Town


Curated by Batool Ashour & Dalal AlHashash

The story of Ahmadi Town has always resembled the modernization of Kuwait. This small remote town of 5,120 km2, rich with oil, fueling its vision as a utopian town operating under Kuwait Oil Company, with relatively new socio-cultural practices that had been introduced within, along with its unique sub-culture, which resulted in creating a self-contained town, all of which played a big role in shaping the face of the town, a wave that extended to affect Kuwait as a welfare state, and the milieu of it's inhabitants. Going through the realization of Ahmadi, from the point of it's spatial nonexistence before the exploration of oil, through its' nourishment era, reaching to the after life of it in the form of collective memory within its former inhabitants' hearts. Ahmadi Town was a situation, or a phase of what could have been a possibility for Kuwait to be.

Dalal Al Hashash, An Architect and a Filmmaker. with a BArch. from Kuwait University in 2008. Worked and trained as an Architect and a project manager at the Master Plan Department in Kuwait Municipality from 2009 to 2012, where she has trained in different international architectural firms; ATKINS, BDP, BP. After her participation as a research team leader in the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2012, she moved to The National Council for Culture, Arts, & Letters, where she's working on various historical projects, ranging from architectural restoration designs to cultural reprograming through creative practices. Al Hashash co-curated Al Thulth Al Akheer lecture series 2013, ARKIVE event 2014. She Directed the short film Between The Lines, La Fémis, France 2014, and joined in the production of other films; Failaka Archeological Documentary 2014, Desert Tale 2014, Another Day in Baghdad 2015. She is a recipient of The Arctic Circle Residency 2016.
Batool Ashour is an architect and researcher with BArch from Kuwait University in [2007]. Worked as an architect at the Ministry of Public Works and recently working in the Preservation Historical building in The National Council of Culture, Arts, and Letters. Worked on the renovation of (Mubarak’s kiosk) and received the Prince Sultan Bin Salman Award for Urban Heritage for the thesis she wrote about it. Ashour is also working on the restoration, design program and strategy of Khazal Palaces as well as the old souq of Ahmadi and the urban modernity of Ahmadi as a member of Ahmadi Township Heritage Committee. Ashour lead the research team of Kuwait's participation in the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Ashour practicing architecture as a freelancer and partner in ABdesign.
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