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Re-imagining the Neighborhood Unit: Shuwaikh Residential District

Re-imagining the Neighborhood Unit: Shuwaikh Residential District


Curated by Asseel AlRagam and Sandra AlSaleh

In this tour we will be exploring the first neighborhoods of kuwait’s suburbian project. Shuwaikh residential area is one of the few districts that preserved its original design and thus allows us to imagine interesting urban values from an important period of Kuwait’s history.

Asseel Al-Ragam is an Assistant Professor at the College of Architecture at Kuwait University. She completed her PhD, Towards a Critique of an Architectural Nahdha: A Kuwaiti Example, at the Universit Pennsylvania in 2008. Her published articles focus on heritage production, the politics of urban and architecture representations and modernity and urban planning in Kuwait.


Sandra Al-Saleh is a historian and a political scientist with degrees in politics, literature and Middle Eastern studies. Her interests include the development of modern Kuwait and the political, social and cultural history of the region. She is also the co-founder and managing partner of Equilibrium, a Kuwaiti company working towards environmental and social progress. In 2009 Equilibrium established "The Green Caravan Film Festival", the first and longest running film festival dedicated to the environment in the Gulf.




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